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akg k701 mixing review

I have also been using them to listen to professional releases and analyzing the sounds/effects being used and their placement in the mix. Even though the manufacturing of these headphones has brought in a few plastic elements, t… It presents things in a certain way, but still there is coloration in any design. AKG together with Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser are the three classic European headphone brands. Of course you have to be patient because of the horrible burn in time but you won`t be disappointed when you hear your babies growing up and becoming a matured full-size headphone with pristine accuracy and awesome space imaging. Overall, yeah, I am liking these phones, like any listening device it really comes down to learning the speaker or headphone, and these are phones I don't mind learning at all. Our Verdict. AKG reeeeeeally needs to step up their serial number archiving because there's no way to check if they are legit via serial # which to me, is absurd. They will give you a great reference and bring you enjoyment when you decide to kick back and just listen to some great tunes. They sounded thin and harsh with hardly bass. I use other brands and other AKG units to get the task done, but these are definitely the best I have ever used at the board. Review Component Retail: $449 ($549 with 6-foot ALO Audio SXC cryo cable) The economy is in the toilet, the audio hobby has a harder time justifying expenditures which could put food on the table, pay rent or attend to other basic necessities. Reviews; AKG K612 & K712. Apparently there's a lot of counterfeits out there so buyer beware. It is fitted with circular large ear cups that are enhanced with soft padding for comfortability. Frequency Response 10Hz - 39.8kHz They are extremely transparent, accurate, and above all, comfortable. Spoiler, it is not. A pair of great mix headphones. The K240s have a far better balance left/right, front/rear & top/bottom and are THE ubiquitous studio headpone with good reason. I must say, objectively, pro-burn in arguments are without exception all subjective while anti-burn arguments are based on objective evidence. The quality of the construction is very durable and the overall look is very stylish. Home; About; Studio; Clients; Rates; Contact ; AKG K702 - 1 Year Review. Optics and haptics can be a decisive thing for many a buyer, especially those new to a brand, so it’s nice to see AKG hitting all the right marks here. I should admit the crystal clear trebles that may seem a bit sharp with too crispy tracks. Search. The previous review had all the specs, so, I thought I would share some of my experience with these headphones. Vocals pop out of the cans like never before. The AKG K701’s beautifully linear frequency response range allows the finer details of audio pieces to really shine with crystal clarity. Done some mixing for half an hour and yeah, they reference not too bad. Music for testing your headphones: Our Spotify playlist. When I was looking for a new “high end” headphone I came across the AKG 702. For this article, I will do a quick and dirty comparison, and then link to my official recommendation towards the end! Based on the frequency response, the sound characteristics of a headphone can be well described. I strongly recommend! With its impressive spatial character and nuanced reproduction, not to mention high accuracy when it comes to sound localisation, these reference studio headphones are particularly suitable for listening to things like acoustic pieces with first class dynamics and a diverse stereo environment. Only the artificial leather elements are darker in town, in this case a brown shade. The AKG K271 is easy to use but doesn’t suffer for its simplicity. But don’t be fooled. These are light and extremely comfortable. The K701/K702, being flat and neutral analytical reference headphones (i.e. Check AKG K701 Price on AMAZON K701 is an adorable and comfortable headphone, but it tends to be bulky at some point. The HD600 and K701 had been my studio headphones for years. That means you're going to love using these for mixing. Nowadays my main purpose of using them is checking mixdowns or analyzing sounds and I always adjust the limiter`s settings on them. 5.0 out of 5 stars Ideal ... Zu den klanglichen Eigenschaften des AKG K701 wurde bereits alles Wichtige von anderen Rezensenten geschrieben und ich kann diese im Bezug zu der Auflösung, Präzision und breite Bühne unterstreichen, und auch, dass der AKG K701 kein Bassmonster ist und vorhandenen Bass in der … They sound great and provide the widest soundstage I've heard in this price range. If you like the crispness of the colour white, you’ll find it hard to avoid the allure of the K701. The k701 comes with a presentation stand and 6.3mm adapter. So I called AKG and talked to a technical support guy who was very friendly on the phone and he told me that the AKG 701 is white (AKG 702 is black) and that the AKG 701 has a fixed cable (AKG 702 has a removable cable). The large ear-cups, coupled with the leather headband, give it somewhat of a retro vibe. The ear cups enclose the ears and offer sufficient horizontal and vertical play so that the headphones fit snugly to the head. I have had them on for two albums worth now and they are great. Many people say they need burned in, it "sounds" true, as the phones have a little fizz, heard most clear on guitar music, though it's not too drastic, and I do know this is normal and should fade after around 350 hours, and there are audiophile headphones here and at higher prices which require burn in periods of this length. The K701 excels in flat, even sound conducive to mixing, but some may find that they will have to overcompensate due to lack of bass impact. The K701 comes in white and silver/grey, with an aesthetic that’s wonderfully fresh and elegant. Which makes them, frankly, a bit of a bargain. Now I did not believe in what originally sounded like audiophool stuff but burn in with these headphones is a reality. Introduction; K701: Chinese vs. Austrian Model; Similarities & Differences; Final Word; Now without further ado, let’s … I compare them to other headphones, such as the Audio Technica ATH-m50 and give my opinions. And yeah, it`s true, burn in time on this beasts is a HUGE amount of time. They have, as expected with reference/mixing headphones, a flat response, it's not too exciting, it's clear but "boring", but this is how they SHOULD be if you want to mix or reference. Maximum Input Power 200 mW Sponsors. The design of K701 is … Headband Exclusive leather self-adjusting The earcups are a velour-like material which gives a very comfortable wearing experience. My first impressions (look, build quality, usability) I’ve stated in multiple product reviews that I don’t like recommending products that I’d be afraid to break. Not like my dj-headphones which are ear-killers. The look and the audio performance of AKG K701 tells that they are great in sound monitoring and instrument playing, other … Well, there are reviews around which are telling you to burn in at least 200hours, 300 would be better. However, we've since learned they are available at the far more wallet-friendly price of £250 – some retailers are even selling them for less that £200. The AKG K701 is legendary for needing a good amplifier to sound really great. Only the artificial leather elements are darker in town, in this case a brown shade. Has a wide sound-stage, great mid-range, as well as good clarity and instrument separation. At first some gossip Before going into all the technical aspects of the k701, let me first just say that I simply love these headphones. 30Hz-10kHz +/- 3dB), only reproduce the content of the source, for better or worse. I think the great thing about 701's is that they present a picture that if you can make something shine in them it will probably translate quite well. AKG k701 Headphones A Ten Year Review Retrospective Review by Redcarmoose 01-14-16 A revolutionary flat wire voice coil optimizes the "coil fill factor," improving efficiency and enhancing HF accuracy A two-layer diaphragm with AKG's patented Varimotion design virtually eliminates distortion and delivers exceptional imaging. Not the best sounding I've heard but definitely not a low end headphone. The headband is made off maroon metallic plates that adjustable on both sides to ensure that you get that secure fit. In terms of sounds, the frequency response is relatively flat without any emphasis on specific frequencies. K702s have replaced the K701s and are identical in every way except the 702s have a detachable cord, come in a different colour, and are substantially more expensive. Required fields are marked *. Instead, you can look forward to a firm and secure fit. These are some of the best headphones ever made! The incredible detail is what separates these from other headphones. You really can't go wrong with these. These headphones reveal small things that others don't. High-End Amplifiers. It's very easy to pinpoint location in a mix. Some have beautifully detailed highs, some have booming lows, and others feature more newfangled features like stellar … If you are expecting nice sounding hifi headphones you won`t be pleased. If you like the crispness of the colour white, you’ll find it hard to avoid the allure of the K701. So think on that incase you listen to these and wonder why they are not loud and full of bass. A gold-plated mini jack adapter and a headphone stand bearing the AKG logo are also included in the contents. Perhaps they could be a bit more musical. The K702 aren't necessarily the best for enjoying music because they don't boost the bass as do many headphones, which certainly makes the music more enjoyable — but also means that the music you create with the K702 won't be weak in the … I do think these are a reasonable reference can. No point in going into technical details as a few of the reviews does this already. Wish I could wash them... other than that I love them. They are telling me when I look at them “Hey mate, let`s get your loupe and listen in the most accurate way how your frequencies are behaving”. Reference Headphones with a High Level of Precision. Cable 3.00 m AKG K712 Pro deals. I reckon if you have a high end sound system with your own eq system, these phones would be awesome. Monitors / Monitoring; By Sam Inglis. They have dense ear cups, and the headband design is flexible enough to handle an above-average amount of physical stress. Therefore, the details of those headphones are simply outstanding. Ratings: 3.8/5 | Type: Wired . But here’s the thing: Heavier does not necessarily mean better. Then I`ve read a lot about the “little brother” AKG 701 and thought “what`s the difference? The K701 makes a convincing case for itself when it comes to mixing and mastering, or simply lying back and listening to some of your favourite jazz or classical compositions. All this combines for an appealing and eye-catching finish that radiates quality. The linear midrange is also reproduced in plenty of detail, while the tweeter and sub-tweeter ranges usually remain present and open. The price is a contender too around $200. Gallery. Back to the open-backs and another legend. That way of usage the AKG 701 really shines and can be more than useful. My current pair are AKG K240 Mk2s. Although I wanted to buy them so bad I couldn`t afford it. They really are. The cable is very long and well made. That`s one reason why I care a lot about them, what means that I handled them at first like a little puppy. Hey mates, I never thought it possible for headphones to be so comfortable that it is genuinely a pleasure to have them sit on my head! You won’t care that superficial boosts for bass and treble aren’t too hand. The sound is incredible. They are not made with an additional boost as the case for some headphones. Still, the sound is natural and great for monitoring, mixing, and listening to most genres. No matter the quality. The sound is true reference, i.e. I also bought a pair of the Avatone headphones and it is like strapping work out weights around your neck, horrible. AKG K712 Pro review Top of the range studio cans £379; €469; $699; By Trevor Curwen 22 November 2013. At first glance, the AKG K 271 MKII doesn’t seem to be that unusual, but it does ha… Search titles only. this time I am doing a review about AKG 701, a headphone engineered and built in Austria. These are very flat sounding headphones. Light, airy, comfortable and expertly put together. What means that the sound is exactly the same too. Together with the Sennheiser HD650 it has been one of those classic headphones that made enthusiasts spend substantial amounts on amplification, manyfold the worth of the headphones themselves. They were too bright initially but then seemed to mellow. Now the highs don`t sound harsh anymore, the mids came out very nicely and the bass is finally hearable. The package and included stand are awesome. This may be discouraging at first; plastic certainly doesn’t radiate with that premium-quality glow of most other materials. Colour White First of all, they have an open ear design. I can confidently give the k701 5 out of 5 stars. New items New comments Latest reviews Search Head Gear. I have listened to the sennhieser HD800 and though they seemed a bit more nimble with transients the overall tonal signature was not that different. Sound quality My mixes on them instantly became better, because, I was able to find some of the problems that my monitors were masking. The Akg K553 Pro is generally all black headphones with a stylish look to them that make that fashion statement and can perfectly go with any coloured outfit and still stands out. They are meant for reference and they do an exceptional job in placing instruments and effects. These phones, in short, are just fine for the price range they sit in. Buy Now . At home I often do producing on them. Forums. I couldn`t imagine why people are saying that there sound is awesome. Make sure to buy a proper amp as they need it. Incredible cans. I don`t have the feeling that my ears are fatigued a lot. With a cable length of almost 3 … Revolutionary Flat-Wire Technology I have only recently caught up with this AKG headphone model, having previously owned AKG Q701 & K702 models. Unfortunately, the headband has a lot of moving parts for the adjustable padding. Sensitivity 105 dB SPL/V This however needs to be taken into consideration only in critical engineering work, since the lack is only small. Jul 22, 2019. The frequency response is extremely flat, though it lacks bass a bit. Sound quality is the most crucial aspect of audio types of equipment. Plain and simple, the K702 are great … That’s just one reason why the K701 feels right at home regardless of music genre, as it’s at home with metal and rock tracks, punchy pop songs and jazz numbers, as well as classical music, all reaping the benefits of detailed stereo reproduction and a good depth of gradation. The k701 are currently AKG's top of the line headphones replacing the k1000's (which have been around since 1989) at a much lower price tag. The imaging can be adjust slightly by moving the ear pads around your ears. Another thing that should be taken into consideration is the fact, that if music has been really greatly engineered, it sounds like pure perfection through these. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ad20508117dde6a5792347b8c6f01508" );document.getElementById("bc16cd3879").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Almost every headphone we test is checked by us: In addition to determining the frequency response, the heart of our measurements, we also evaluate the effects of noise that penetrates from the outside to the inside. 206-408-8680 [email protected] Home; About; Studio; Clients; Rates; Contact; Menu. Not only they are amongst the most comfortable headphones out there, but the sound is superb too. These headphones offer a standout sound from the off. Even though the manufacturing of these headphones has brought in a few plastic elements, this doesn’t detract from the overall feeling of quality. I gonna call AKG”. AKG K712 Pro Studio Headphone Review. After this first impressions I heard the first time that headphones and monitors should be burned in. The K701 is ideal for mixing and mastering, with such a sophisticated evaluation of sound nuances and finer details a rare thing indeed. Pros Impressive sound quality. Shares. However if you need a killer pair of reference earphones, these are my fav in this range by far. Log in Register. Your email address will not be published. For a quick overview, the simple view also gives you the opportunity to evaluate the sound characteristics of the test candidate at a glance. Worth auditioning definitely an improvement over earlier AKG lines. Look they do take a very long time to burn in. Is strapping speakers to your ears for long periods of time a good idea? Search forums. It’s easy to forgive these headphones are still wired, however. Cons May be too pricey for the home studio enthusiasts. The measurement curve represents the audible range as a frequency response shown here as a curve. LR. Also, despite the metallic look of the ear-cups, they’re made entirely from plastic. This is made all the more possible thanks to a comfortable design, which staves off unwanted pressure and fatigue for hours at a time. These headphones; the AKG K702 and K701 are designed for critical listening and studio mixing. But keep in mind that the AKG 701 are open headphones. I´ve titled this review as "monitor" because I didn`t find the title "headphone" =) I have found them to be very different in their representation of rooms. I found these headphones to be sa great as I expected them to be as soon as I opened the box and plugged them in. Many knock-off manufacturers make their headphones unnecessarily heavy just because t… Reference-class professional monitoring headphones. Our test delves into whether Vario Motion membrane, flat wire coil technology and neodymium magnets make this all possible for the reasonable asking price of just under 300 euros. The imaging can be adjust slightly by moving the ear pads around your ears. AKG's K702s have long been a popular choice among those seeking a reference-quality pair of open-backed headphones for mixing at a price that won't break the … I gave the bang for buck a 9 only because they are higher priced, and not because don't think they are worth it. I haven't had a chance to listen to others yet over £100 (these cost £113). These headphones sound different. I'd pick the HD600 for mixing. It's right to say that you shouldn't rely on headphones to mix, but certainly they have use in a mix. Bass signals with clear transients can be monitored with the K701, and you needn’t worry about disturbances like bass humming. 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The two are standard studio equipment, and their sound is exceptional. Rudi in Headphone reviews. Visually speaking, the AKG K701 headphones have a very peculiar design. Apparently, K701s have been discontinued for a while, but I bought a pair from Thomman at the very reasonable price of £160 in mid-2013. I highly recommend the AKG k701 for any critical listening work. It depends what you'd like, with a pair of headphones, like speakers very personal. Best AKG – K701 Mixing Headphone. By my standards, the AKG K240s are the best mixing and mastering headphones. They sound great and reveal more of your mix or other mixes than you have heard before. A wide and airy soundstage is relaxing and pleasant to hear. AKG K701 Studio Reference Headphone Review Are these the most comfortable headphones ever made? If you don’t like stripped-back and unadorned sound, then these headphones might be worth looking into. They are open yes, and they do leak yes..but depending on your source this may not be an issue. My review of the AKG k702 open ear headphones. While the AKG is very nice to wear for hours and has a very big stage, the HD600 has a lot more precision and the smaller soundstage seems to be more exact. While listening to AKG K701, pay attention to the non-piercing and crystal highs, that is where AKG K701 show themselves as masterpieces. It produces a wide range of in-ear and over-ear headphones as well as microphones and other electronic equipment. They won't replace a good pair of monitors, so, don't expect them to. My favorite thing about these is how nealry weightless they are. Sweetwater has them double what they are on AMazon which is a bit sketchy. Edges are chrome-plated, while the leather strap is an impressive 3mm in thickness. Comfortable fit. There is an extensive argument between individuals who believe a 'burn in' period is essential to bring the k701s (and k702s) to life and other individuals who argue the merit of a 'burn in' is myth. Earpads Replaceable 3D-Form They are quite comfortable though may feel slightly uncomfortable on the top of the head. While editing, you can listen for days, and never get that urge to rub the sides of your head with them, the way I did with many others until I bought these fine headphones. The only cans I like more are my electrostatic STAX cans which are on a nother planet. According to some audiophiles, it may take sometime for the headphones to be broken-in (100 - 300 hours). The sound is warm, yet clear and detailed. When pushed to, I have used them on a complete mix and had decent results. Replaceable cabling. I am using Slate`s FG-X as limiter and I just trust my adjustments when done with the AKG 701 because I can hear little knob-twists very fast and accurate. Open-backed Headphones . Weight 235 g When we reviewed the K701s (January issue, First tests), we judged them at the price of £350. The over ear design is incredibly comfortable. They are cheap since other true high-end headphones cost easily twice as much. I am using AKG K50 or so for djing, little crappy headphones, but they do the job well. When I started listening to the AKG K/Q701 for this review, I hadn’t listened to them for a … This can be an advantage in terms of sound quality but you are able to hear your surrounding and your surrounding is able to hear what`s coming out of the headphones. AKG K701 – For spending long hours mixing and mastering. Design. Haptics are also appealing, with the ear cups feeling great against the skin. Before we get into the Sennheiser HD600 vs. AKG K701, grab a snack, sit back and relax because.. You’ve come to the right place!! AKG has strict quality control individually testing and numbering each headphone manufactured. The AKG K701 offer you quality sound features that give you that balanced mix to listen to any type of music genre with precision and powerful bass response. I think the Grado headphones are my favorite for detail, but some models are not very flat as they are more geared toward the listening crowd. If you listen to the most fine sounding recordings in the world, you will enjoy them with extreme pleasure with K-701. Back in the early 00-ies the Sennheiser HD650, Beyerdynamic DT880 and AKG K701 were the … My wife and kids were not always fond of my noise, so I decided to invest in these. With a little listening as you acclimatise, you’ll learn to love the velvety and defined bass. Yeah, it`s a cosy feeling looking at them like when The Simpsons are on the TV (I am grown up with The Simpsons and a TV-kid too, I feel at home when I see Homer, hehe) The AKG K240s are the best mixing and mastering headphones. I much prefer these to the Q701/K702s which I find too bass light and with exaggerated left/right stereo. Clean, open, detailed. However the Allessandro line is another story. The K701/K702 is aimed not at the iPod generation but at AKG's studio market (found on AKG's "Professional Audio Solutions" web site, "The K702's are reference, open, over-ear studio headphones for precision listening, mixing and mastering."). The quality of the construction is very durable and the overall look is very stylish. I thought that the much bigger 701 would be much heavier in weight. Although the K701 and K702 are both designed to be used as studio reference monitors, there were quite a few complaints about the actual fit and feel of the previous model. The light grey cloth around the ears gets brown very fast, even if you shower every day like me! Sonic precision and high wearing comfort should make the K 701 the reference studio headphones for mixing and mastering. Shares. I would say that the comfort of these headphones is very good compared to other brands I've tried. Speaking of loud, they are not the loudest either. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. There’s also a linear midrange, while treble mapping makes a good impression. Having owned and used my AKG K702 headphones for just over one year, I feel that I've … The sound of AKG K701 is incredibly clear and spacious. I have these in combination with JBL LSR305 Monitors, and man, I am happy. It’s a subconscious thing, but it does have an impact on your … It feels like that even the slightest dot of sound can be caught in those cans. I have my own home studio where most of my time is spent on mixing. Many critiques would say they are easily one of the best headphones that have ever been in production. There is enough leakage that often my wife thought I really had them cranked. The headband, cable and velour padding all also make a fine impression. How could I not? I have been using them mainly to check pan position and effects. The contact pressure of the self-adjusting headband bracket is well judged. The sound is really open and has a speaker feel, which is a great thing. The Austrian model does lack comfort as far as the bumpy quality of the headband. Pros Cons Use-case Tech specs Review Headphone amp Build quality Sound Balance Comfort Price Correction Rating Conclusion. Yes they sound pretty neutral not particularly musical but never the less a very accurate set of cans. I personally dig these phones. They are accurate. However, even Hi-Fi enthusiasts more interested in everyday listening can put these headphones to good use, with a a real sound spectacular awaiting them. Worth checking out. Our test shows whether the Vario Motion membrane, flat wire coil technology and neodymium magnets make this possible for the proud RRP of 200$. Which, to be fair, you really don't want to be mixing or referencing above the K701's max volume. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. More information about our measurements can be found here: Pressure averaged from big and small head. The k701 comes with a presentation stand and 6.3mm adapter. Please keep in mind headphones are the single most destructive thing to your ear drums and should be worn as little as possible. New articles New comments Series Search articles. The newer Chinese models don’t have any bumps on them. Published November 2013. Plus, the comfortable open-back design lets in just the right amount of air, so you don't feel closed off from the world. True Wireless in-ears with a convincing performance, Innovative True Wireless earbuds with touch and voice control. Well-balanced high, mid, and low ranges flow in a natural river of music in my ears. Input Impedance 62 ohms If … What I will bring you in this review. That can be a problem if you are working in your bedroom while the girlfriend or boyfriend is watching TV or so. AKG has strict quality control individually testing and numbering each headphone manufactured. These are generally large cans, Over-ear headphones with huge ear cups and if you have a smaller head they might not fit properly. I would describe the sound as very analytical and not charming at all. Ok I thought, the 701 is way cheaper, so I am going to buy it! Frequency responses from 10 Hz to 39.8 kHz are complemented by neodymium magnetic structures. Stereo and transient imaging are first-rate, with width and depth to spare. Despite the str… But it`s worth being patient, the sound changes drastically. Hope you will like this review, So now lets start the review of AKG K701. Nothing comes close to their open space listening environment they emulate so well. The build quality of the AkG K701 is decent but has a lot of moving parts. If a song or mixdown isn`t right you can hear it immediately. The audio signal travels over a 10 ft oxygen-free bi-wired captive copper cable which allows for optimal channel separation and reproduction. When you get it to sound great in the K702, it will sound great everywhere. Features: I had hard time believing the descriptions of these, how detailed these are and everything, but now I just have to believe that it's true. It doesn't have an effect on how pleasant and good music sounds. The AKG K702 headphones, designed by the headphone gurus at AKG, are all about giving you a near-linear response. I'm not of the school of thought though that a flat or reference model is necessarily more accurate. Menu Log in Register AKG K701 vs K702 for mixing Home. How do these new models compare with their previous flagship design? Articles. I haven't got experience of every headphone model out there, but AKG K-701 is like nothing I've ever heard. But then I realized how much details I can hear on them – that actually did impress me a lot! Top reviews from other countries Translate all reviews to English. … Both sides are made of plastic and reinforced with a metal ring at the edge, while the headband is made of imitation leather and is supported by two metal hangers. Your mix won't always translate if you mix solely on them. Automatic size adjustment makes handling easy, with no instances where these feel too pressed against the head in any spot. On the other hand it`s a revelation listening to classical music or well recorded jazz on them! Their accuracy and … For some reason, I’m much more comfortable working with gear I could easily replace. AKG's form for making quality cans for mixing is well known. The way it is with higher end phones. AKG K701 is well-designed headset for mixing and mastering purposes. If you are an outdoor person but an avid headphone user, then this model is not ideal for you. The most "demanding" of the 7 series. But that`s the point why this headphone is nearly divine wearing for some hours : You hardly notice them and after a short time you don`t have the feeling of wearing anything on the head! The new technology found AKG's k701 is a revolutionary flat wire voice coil which is said to optimize the "coil fill factor," greatly enhancing HF accuracy. But no way, they are pretty lightweight. AKG’s K701 Reference Studio Headphones are another great option for spending long hours mixing and mastering. Written and Tested by TJ Donegan. Just some words about the look of the headphones : I love how they look! All this combines for an appealing and eye-catching finish that radiates quality. Headphone for mixing: Beyerdynamic DT 990 / 880 or AKG Q701 Quincy Jones / K701. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Dekoni Audio Protein Leather Earpads for AKG K701, K701, K518, and More (Platinum Series) at AKG Acoustics was established in 1947 by Gorike & Plass in Austria, and now it is owned by Samsung Electronics. You have the feeling of being in middle of the orchestra, hearing every nuance of the instruments. Technical and bright. Updated November 18, 2016 When it comes to high-end headphones, people gravitate to specific models for all sort of reasons. With clear highs and accurate bass response, the AKG K702 headphones rule. All the parts and technology itself is exactly the same. The detail these headphones provide is equally as inspiring as reassuring. Depending on where you look, these cans can be double or half the price. So I wouldn't bother about the slight decrease in volume compared to other phones. These also may … When I listened to music on them for the first time I really wasn`t impressed. I have been using these cans for about 3 years now. AKG Q701 review A top-class newcomer from AKG that's been developed with music legend Quincy Jones and it shows By Richard Black 17 December 2010. flat. New media New comments Browse Albums Search media. The AKG K702 are ideal for mixing and mastering because what you hear is what you've got. Cable is not removable and the big plug is the default and the small plug comes on top of it, which is a little stupid. Let`s say 5 hours in a row, what`s an adequate guess. If you would like to be able to disconnect the cable like the 240's, the Q701's are a nice alternative. Velour lining adds a touch of luxury to the feel of these, caressing the ears while you’re wearing them. Distortion is virtually eliminated and imaging improved with AKG's patented Varimotion two-layer diaphragm. These are not designed for tracking because the sound will bleed even at low volumes. With a cable length of almost three metres, these headphones occupy the upper range field of long leashes. Tonal precision and high levels of wearing comfort ensure these headphones are a go-to for long mixing and mastering sessions, at least in theory. What's new Search. By: Search Advanced search… New posts. The Akg 240df model I owned long ago and these smoke those. The K701 comes in white and silver/grey, with an aesthetic that’s wonderfully fresh and elegant. The ear cups are circular (instead of oval-shaped) and are large enough that most ears will easily fit comfortably inside . Conclusion Connector 3.5mm hard gold-plated jack plug and contacts The AKG 701 are worth every penny!

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