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nivea express hydration ingredients

Aluminum chlorohydrate (ACH) is a substance within the group of aluminum salts. It is possible that authorities may access the data. It contains sea minerals and a blue lotus scent leaving a moisturized skin feeling: NIVEA EXPRESS HYDRATION LOTION. At this point, parabens are the safest and gentlest preservatives we can use. Fragrances give skincare and other products their pleasant and very characteristic odor. The golden oil with its mild, sweetly nutty aroma has been used in medicine and skin care for many centuries.  Discover NIVEA Aloe Express Hydration Body Lotion, our latest body lotion to provide soothing care to dry skin! Layer it on, just after a bath or just before you step out of the house, the fragrance and effect of the body lotion will be with you all day long. On the contrary: they protect you against skin cell damage and skin cancer. They allow perfume oils to dissolve in water-based products. PEG stands for polyethylene glycol. See 30 member reviews and photos. BHT has been used around the world in cosmetic products for decades and has proven safe and highly tolerable – there has been no indication that it may cause allergies, either. The formula with Sea Minerals supplies you with moisture – all day long. External factors like cold weather, exposure to the sun, can be harsh for the skin and cause water loss, but this body lotion keeps your skin hydrated, moisturized and completely nourished. Whether the PEG compounds affect skin permeability also depends on their concentration and the other ingredients used in the product formula. What’s more (or less, as it were): cosmetics contain a clearly lower concentration of BHT than foods. Paraffinum Liquidum. Foods like meat, eggs, fish, nuts, potatoes, broccoli, and spinach are good sources of Q10. You can thus pinpoint the scent you are allergic to and need not avoid all products with fragrance. Our NIVEA sunscreen products contain UV filters which are essential to help you protect your skin against the adverse effects of sunlight. It may burn a bit, however, as many antiperspirants also contain alcohol – so you better wait a while before applying! Because each and every one of them has a specific effect, and we take care to include only ingredients that have a noticeable benefit for your product experience. 1 sun care brand*. Some consumer protection organizations have repeatedly claimed that nanomaterials – of which nanopigments are a part – may pass through the skin into the body and cause damage. Manufacturer Address. Approximately one quarter of all ocean species depend on reefs. Note: Formula has changed. NIVEA® Express Hydration Body Lotion provides long lasting moisture in a lightweight formula that is fast absorbing. Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion is enriched with sea minerals and Hydra IQ, which repair dry skin. However, it remains unclear whether this is a cause or an effect of the disease. Silicone oils in lotions and creams make sure that the product is a delight to apply and give your skin a silky smooth touch. 400 liters of sweet almond oil. As emulsifiers, they make sure that oil and water mix and form nice, smooth creams and lotions. This supports the energy metabolism of skin cells and reduces the number of free radicals. Item Number 80301 (803010992497) The patented NIVEA formula uses the knowledge that our skin contains sufficient moisture in … In line with our principle not to put anything in our products that doesn’t have to be there, we use fragrances in a very controlled manner. The European Cosmetics regulation lists 26 substances associated with allergic reactions. The NIVEA® Express Hydration Body Lotion is infused with the NIVEA Deep Moisture Serum and Sea Minerals The ultra-light formula absorbs in seconds and leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and deeply* moisturised for 48h - after just 1 application Deep Moisture Serum The formula locks in deep* moisture & gives noticeably smoother skin for 48h The factors contributing to coral decline are complex and wide-ranging. True to our belief we are using only the ingredients needed in a responsible and restrictive manner. The results: both the European Commission and the independent U.S. evaluative commission (Cosmetic Ingredient Review / CIR) agree that parabens are safe. NIVEA includes BHT in less than 10 percent of our products. Octinoxate has been eliminated from all European NIVEA sun protection products as early as 2016. A naturally derived substance, Eucerit is derived from wool wax. Although we are usually not aware of them because they aren’t painful, they form free radicals which are able to damage cells and DNA which may lead to skin cancer. NIVEA Express Hydration Body Lotion provides your normal to dry skin with the moisture and care it needs and deserves. Every ingredient we use, including our fragrances has to meet our strict skin tolerability criteria.  The high concentration of Hydra IQ penetrates deep into the skin layers for non-stop hydration. Over the decades, parabens have been intensely researched. As of 2021, sun protection products containing these chemical UV filters will be banned in Hawaii. EMULSIFIERS, NIVEA Sun products use emulsifiers, e.g. This Body lotion is free of animal-derived ingredients and colorants. Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion (125ml) Rated 4.50 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings (3 customer reviews) ৳ 210.00. In fact, they are the most researched preservatives of all. Research so far does not indicate that cosmetic products or their ingredients have any harmful influence on the human body or our hormone balance. Aqua, Paraffinum Liquidum, Isopropyl Palmitate, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, Dimethicone, Maris Sal, Glyceryl Glucoside, Sodium Hydroxide, Carbomer, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Perfume, We use and collect cookies to improve and personalize your experience on our website. Included: Research into UV filters and their environmental impact is still in its early stages, however, and has so far mainly been conducted in laboratories. PEG compounds can perform several functions at once. Apart from the cosmetic industry, PEG compounds are used in pharmaceutical and medical fields. NIVEA Express Hydration Body Lotion is enriched with sea minerals and Hydra IQ, which work deep within the skin, repairing your dry skin layer by layer to make it soft and supple. NIVEA uses fragrances in most of our products. Several active ingredients are used in NIVEA SUN products. Product Information The NANODERM study also found that the tiny particles do not pass into the deeper skin layers. Others don’t cross the skin barrier. Applied to the skin, they reflect and scatter UV rays and help to protect the skin against sunburn, premature aging, and skin cancer. NIVEA Express Hydration Body Lotion -vartaloemulsio kosteuttaa ihoa tehokkaasti ja pitkäkestoisesti 48 tunnin ajan. However, additional studies have shown that parabens are quickly broken down in the body. Instead, they use antibacterial agents to stop the growth of bacteria that cause body odor. However, these claims do not apply to titanium dioxide, the only nanopigments we use in our sunscreen products. Infused with our Deep Moisture Serum, and Sea Minerals, the lotion delivers deep moisture that lasts up to 48 hours without making skin feel greasy. Sold Out. Like a shining armor, they reflect UV rays before they can damage the skin and the DNA of skin cells. Some compounds actually do make the skin more permeable – and they’re supposed to, because they are used in medicinal salves. Very small traces of BHT may also be found in other perfumed products. Find the answers to your frequently asked questions here. Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate, to disperse tiny oil droplets in water - just like your milk in the fridge - to provide a product which is pleasant to apply to the skin. With click on ACCEPT, we are using cross-website tools to provide you individual information for marketing purposes via partners, also beyond our website.These enable personalised online advertisements and extended analysis and evaluation options regarding the … BHT makes some of our creams and lotions, lip care, shaving gels, and shower oils last longer. Even if you forgot to put the lid on your face cream in the bathroom or your sunscreen gets pretty warm on your beach towel. Natural scent compounds are derived from plants (e.g. Numerous studies show that fragrances increase our well-being and have a positive effect on our minds. Almost all living things need oxygen. Thanks to the innovative strength of the research and development departments, NIVEA took a pioneering role in sun protection products (first official NIVEA sun protection cream was launched in 1936!) Making them blend into a smooth, creamy and stable texture is one of the greatest challenges in the world of cosmetics. *Source: Euromonitor International Limited; NIVEA in the category Sun Care, incl. Independent official authorities like European Commission’s Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety (SCCS), the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, and the EU NANODERM program have all concluded that nanopigments in cosmetics are harmless when applied to healthy skin. BHT protects these ingredients against oxidation and makes them last longer. Find the answers to your frequently asked questions here. Using an antiperspirant under normal conditions of use, can therefore be considered safe. Goodbye Cellulitis: Declaring War on Unsightly Indentations, Titanium dioxide nanopigments (mineral UV filter). Two primary causes are considered to be temperature anomalies and extreme weather conditions related to global climate change. This is why the discovery of Eucerit was a milestone in skin care development. POWDERS, Powders, e.g. They consist of tiny particles that form kind of a shield when you apply the sunscreen. The World Health Organization did an in-depth examination that found BHT to be suitable for use in food. The new product revolutionized the cosmetics world. NIVEA only uses parabens in about 20 percent of our products - up to 80 percent are paraben-free. Therefore, NIVEA uses titanium dioxide in combination with organic (or chemical) UV filters in some of its sunscreen products. The new fast absorbing NIVEA Express Hydration Body Lotion instantly delivers all the moisture needed to unveil long-lasting soft and supple skin. Some people claim that BHT can pass through the skin and interfere with the human hormone system. We believe that all health considerations and potential issues should be taken seriously. STABILIZERS, Stabilizers help to maintain the function and activity of other ingredients in the sunscreen. UVB rays penetrate the upper layer of the skin and are responsible for painful sunburn. The ultra-light formula is perfect for normal skin. Two studies conducted with human volunteers examined the ability of aluminum chlorohydrate to penetrate through the skin: both studies showed consistently, that only 0.01 percent of the aluminum quantity applied entered the body. A substance that does this is called an “endocrine disruptor”. Ancient Chinese, Greco-Persian and Ayurvedic schools of medicine used sweet almond oils. The silicones used in cosmetics are silicone oils: clear, odorless liquids that lend lotions, creams, and other products their smooth, silky texture. NIVEA uses PEG compounds in creams, lotions, shower gels, shampoos, and bath essences.

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